MeBoy is no longer actively developed. Below are older news.

21 Jul 2009: MeBoy 2.2 translated to Danish and Turkish. Thanks Kenneth Skovhede and bfrheostat!

17 May 2009: MeBoy 2.2 translated to Swiss German. Thanks hutschi!

7 Apr 2009: MeBoy 2.2 translated to Latvian and Hungarian. Thanks Arvis Lācis and Dóczi Imre!

1 Feb 2009: MeBoy 2.2 released! The major focus for this update was graphics performance - not all games are affected, but some see very significant speedup. (Strikingly, on my Sony Ericsson K810, Zelda DX jumped from 36 to 50 fps in standard graphics mode, and from 11 to 36 fps in advanced graphics mode. Other games, and my Nokia 6120 Classic, saw smaller improvements.) A few bugs got fixed too, improving game compatibility (see the version history for the gory details).

26 Jan 2009: MeBoy 2.1 translated to Lithuanian. Thanks Roger!

18 Jan 2009: Harmes is the new admin of the Game Compatibility list. Welcome and thanks for helping out!

11 Jan 2009: MeBoy 2.1 translated to Italian and Ukrainian. Thanks Porcelain and PokeJex! Also, the Serbian translation is updated. Thanks Tesla!

17 Dec 2008: MeBoy 2.1 translated to Croatian and Serbian. Thanks PARAdoxx!

9 Dec 2008: Fixed bug in MeBoyBuilder which caused MeBoy 2.1 not to run on some emulators.

6 Dec 2008: MeBoy 2.1 released! 2.1 fixes several bugs in 2.0, including missing sprites and a bug that prevented the real-time clock to update. The "experimental" sound mode should now also sound much better. MeBoy also sports its own icon on the theme "What if the Gameboy Color had a numeric keypad?", but you can choose a different icon if you want in MeBoyBuilder. Finally, Greek and Russian translations are included - thanks Klimis Ioannidis and murrenna!

2 Dec 2008: Chinese translation updated for MeBoy 2.0. Thanks BaoJian!

29 Nov 2008: MeBoy 2.0 translated to Czech, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. See the translations page for details.

23 Nov 2008: MeBoy 2.0 released! Big improvements this time around: Support for sound and Bluetooth savegame transfers, a completely rewritten MeBoyBuilder, and a lot of other improvements. Many thanks to Neumaennl (Martin Neumann) for helping with the Bluetooth support.

23/24 Nov 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports Italian and Czech. Many thanks to Porcelain and David Novotný for the translations.

16 Nov 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports French. Many thanks to big__kik for the translation.

20 Jul 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports Indonesian. Many thanks to Wanda Winchester for the translation.

27 Jun 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports German and Dutch. Many thanks to Carsten Rudolph and Job Hartjes for the translations.

15 Jun 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports Chinese and Polish. Many thanks to BaoJian and praptk for the translations.

5 Jun 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports Portuguese. Many thanks to Rafael Luik for the translation.

1 Jun 2008: MeBoy 1.6 now supports Greek. Many thanks to Klimis Ioannidis for the translation.

3 Mar 2008: MeBoy 1.6 released! Version 1.6 finally fixes one bug that caused previous versions to crash a few hours into some games.

25 November 2007: Status update. Sorry, no release this time. I just started working at Google in Switzerland, and I am trying to sort out everything concerning the new job as well as finding somewhere to live. I don't have much time to work on MeBoy right now, but the project is by no means canceled. When things settle down, I'll start working on a new release.

18 September 2007: MeBoy 1.5 released! Version 1.5 finally adds a "Scale to fit" that works on both small and large screens, and packs some minor performance and compatibility improvements.

11 September 2007: Compatibility reporting is back after a hiatus caused by comment spam. Captchas will hopefully prevent this problem in the future.

24 July 2007: A FAQ with answers to the most common MeBoy questions.

22 June 2007: MeBoy 1.4 released! Version 1.4 provides a "Shrink to fit" function for phones with small screens (sorry, no "expand to fit") and fixes a few small bugs to improve game compatibility and emulation speed.

22 June 2007: Game compatibility list! Please check it out, and add info about your favorite games!

29 May 2007: MeBoy 1.3.1 released! Version 1.3.1 fixes a few small bugs to improve game compatibility, and provides a way to use your saved games from MeBoy 1.1 and 1.2 (which unfortunately is broken in MeBoy 1.3).

26 May 2007: New compatibility list! Please check it out, and submit info for your own phone model!

24 May 2007: MeBoy 1.3 released! Notable improvements include support for Gameboy Color games, larger ROM files, and multiple saved games. There are also a lot of smaller improvements and fixes. See the complete list below, or download now!