Known Issues

No program is without it's share of bugs, here are the notable (known) ones for MeBoy, as of version 2.0:


The primary reason MeBoy is slower than most Gameboy emulators for Symbian phones is that it's an emulator (for Gameboy) inside an emulator (for Java). There is a lot of overhead in each step, and MeBoy can only control and optimize the Gameboy-to-Java step. (On the flip side, using Java means MeBoy can run on non-Symbian phones.)

MeBoy has a performance issue with games fading the screen, since this wreaks havoc on the image drawing code. (This issue does not exist when using the "Advanced graphics" setting, but on the other hand that mode is too slow for many phones.) Emulating the Gameboy Color is also much more demanding than the regular Gameboy, because the Gameboy Color has a much faster CPU, and also larger RAM and of course a more advanced graphics chip. Games fading the screen are also much more common on Gameboy Color.

However, MeBoy is much faster than MJavaBoy (which is another JavaBoy port), and it plays Gameboy games adequately on many phone models.