GameForm is a toolkit for java game development. It contains a library with classes primarily intended for tile-based, scrolling, real-time games. Additionally, it contains a data editor that will help you quickly create levels, graphics and enemies for your game. Additionally, GameForm will provide a level of abstraction for some of Java's game-related API, such as thread and key event handling.

GameForm is written for Java 1.1 and has perhaps reached the end of its usable life. The wrapped buffering technique is however still usable, but should ideally be combined with the more advanced image classes from later Java releases.

GameForm is not a game contruction kit for non-programmers. In order to use GameForm, you need know Java, including object-oriented design and how to compile and run Java Archive (JAR) files. If you have questions about Java, JAR files or object-oriented design, please consult a book about Java programming, or Sun's Java documentation online at If you have questions about compiling or running JAR files, please consult your development tools' documentation.

GameForm is primarily intended as an aid to hobby programmers, not professionals or corporations. Please see the license agreement for details.



Wrapping demo

Bouncing demo

Snake demo

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